Slidil Lovec

A naive Lost ego hunter who is just beginning to find his way after the Fall.


Excerpted from the files of Acceleron Human Services

Subject: 1437BX AKA Albrect W AKA Slidil Lovec

Description: 1437BX stands at approximately six feet tall, which is within normal parameters for his morph. Subject has opted to grow his hair to a length of approximately ten inches. His hair is light blonde, which in is normal parameters for his morph. Subject weighs approximately one hundred and seventy-five pounds, with a BMI of 23.1, also within normal parameters for his morph.


Lovec is a 6-year-old Lost, created on Extropia during the doomed effort to rebuild humanity via accelerated growth. Unlike a vast majority of his ‘family’, he came later in the Lost program, and underwent heavy behavioral modification in order to better acclimate him with the real world.

Lovec spent the first years of his life at the Hoffen settlement, after being sleeved into a Futura body. After a member of the settlement, Gilberto G, escaped and committed a series of high-profile murders on Extropia, an angry mob, accompanied by a local security force, attacked Hoffen. The ensuing fight was beaten back by the adoption of a new security company, Eicken Security Services.

Part of the deal with Eicken was that members of the Futura program would be indentured in order to assist Eicken with their investigations. After a period of time, Lovec completed his indenturement and began work as a freelance investigator and ego hunter, based out of Extropia. He has made a sufficient impact doing so to be noticed by Firewall.

Lovec has also caught the attention of another individual: Dick Smiley, a pre-fall media mogul who is determined to turn Lovec’s adventures into a reality XP series. Bloodhound, the resulting series, is just getting its start, but seems to be the beginning of a promising career for Lovec as a reality star.

Would You Like to Know More?
*Acceleron Futura Record – Albrecht W: Datalog from Futura program that resulted in the creation of Lovec.
* Psychological Diagnosis Profile – Albrecht W: Brief description of neuroses and behavioral disorders Lovec suffers from.
*Bloodhound: Reality XP starring Lovec and friends.
*Dick Smiley: Owner and operator of Beta Snake Productions, the company which produces Bloodhound. Also Lovec’s de facto ‘agent’.

Slidil Lovec

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