I’ll Split a Bonobo with You - Part One


During the weeks prior to the beginning of the chapter, Roger Smith (who had farcasted to Mars on to work a contract) learns his bodies on Extropia and on Venus have been destroyed.

Lovec and Octavio are already on Mars for personal reasons. Lovec to promote his new XP, while Octavio visited Argonaut friends.

McAllister’s whereabouts prior to the meeting are unknown.

Scene One – Space Elevator

Contacted by Artemis at the Orbital asteroid of the Space Elevator, the team met Swiss (a purple skinned Scum pitfigther) and are then informed Alfred Watts had been seen passing through here 36 hours earlier.

Riding down the space elevator in a passenger car, Lomas spots a familiar face.

Scene Two – Olympus City

Having ridden the elevator to the surface, the team learns Watts and an associate bought tickets to New Shanghai. The ticket agent notes overhearing a a conversation about a meeting in Fuxingmen (the abandoned sector) near the caldera rim. Questioning squats, they find the statue in an open plaza of the Zhongguancun district; at it’s feet a glass rose in a box. They are spotted and attacked by patrolling robots.

Scene Three – Mag Train

Boarding the mag-train to New Shanghai, the team spots a familiar synthmorph, Valen, loading boxes. He worked his way to Mars by ship a month ago. While the rest of the team waits in their cabin, Lovec follows a familiar face into the dining car. Swiss and McAllister spy a team of Martian police enter the train and approach the team’s room. They stop just before, kill the inhabitants of the cabin and take the bodies off the train.

Scene Four – New Shanghai

At Smith’s suggestion, the team bunks up at the Trembling Blossom bordello, a local Yakuza front. The experience is… enlightening.

I’ll Split a Bonobo with You - Part One

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