Chronicle One

Recruited by an unknown organization, a disparate team of troubleshooters is tasked with ill defined missions for the “benefit” of trans-humanity.

Act One

Chapter One – No Witnesses: Death in the Venusian Skies
Recruited by their respective factions, the team is first assembled on Venus.

Chapter Two – A Farewell to Arms (10 AF – three months later)

  • Part One – Brought to Extropia, by rumors of an XP, the team is assembled to investigate a second missing Firewall team.
  • Part Two – Back on Extropia, the team hunts for leads regarding the Wivel incident.
  • Part Three – In pursuit of a Wainwright Pharm executive, the team travels to Locus and the Jovian Trojans only to find a surprise waiting for them.

Chapter Three – I’ll Split a Bonobo with You (10AF – two months later)
An orchestrated meeting in Martian orbit returns the team to the trail of Alfred Watts.

  • Part One – Meeting in orbit, the team with their new operative follow Watts to Little Shanghai.
  • Part Two – A pit fight and trip across the Martian wilderness brings the team to a secret Wainwright base.
  • Part Three – The team races against time to stop Watts from using a biological WWD at a Martian terraforming base.

Act Two

Part One – Burning Bridges (10 AF – one month later)
The arrives in Luna on the heels of Alfred Watts. Entanglements with activists, asynchs, strange alien beings, and the Lunar police leave them wanted, abused, and cut off from their old allies.


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