Psychological Diagnosis Profile - Albrecht W

OCD: On the outside, Albrecht does not seem at all bothered by his origin. He states that life is life, regardless of where it comes from. Talking with him and observing his interaction with transhumans and other Futuras, however, shows that he is likely parroting what he has heard during his upbringing in order to seem more ‘normal.’ Albrecht seems to flip-flop between thinking that Futuras are superior to other transhumans and thinking that he and the others are somehow ‘tainted’ (his words). These thoughts occur to him most often in the company of regular transhumans, and sometimes push him to desire violence against them. He says that these thoughts did not begin to become intrusive until he found himself in large crowds of transhumans. Obviously, the behavioral editing we’ve done in psychosurgery prevents him from desiring to murder outright, but it seems the programming did nothing against non-lethal acts of violence.
As a result, Albrecht has several compulsions, which I have observed through viewing his lifelog. I’ve categorized them the best I can below.

*Albrecht has begun to wear several pouches to hold equipment in the time since his indenturement. When agitated, he will open and close them, one by one, checking the contents and occasionally moving things around.

*Albrecht also has a ritual he calls “the sign of the cross.” He touches the inside of his left arm (where he has had a hand-laser installed), the inside of his right arm (where his stun beam hangs), the pistol on his right hip, and then ends by tapping his nose.

*Albrecht has a compulsion for cleanliness, on his person and in his living station. It does not seem to manifest outside of these places. He tells me this isn’t as bad, since ‘the bugs keep me clean.’ I assume he means the nanites.

*Albrecht will only eat food that is green in color. This is not so hard with modern technology, but occasionally this compulsion presents a problem to him.

Paranoid Delusional: At some point, probably while reading the conspiracy blogs he frequents, Albrecht became convinced that a rogue Jovian sect named Pura Vita was responsible for the attacks on the Hoffen settlement. He claims that they want to do away with ‘all the sin and abominations that transhumanity have created.’ He tells me that he knows that Pura Vita knows who he is, and that they plan to kill him or kidnap him to use him for scientific research into the Watts-Mcleod Strain. According to him, he cannot trust anyone until he ascertains they are not ‘Jovian black agents.’

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: While I suspect that this has to do with the attacks on Hoffen, I also assume that growing up as a Futura probably played a large role. Albrecht tells me that sometimes, when he smells or sees smoke from fires, or even hears fire, he begins to exhibit symptoms of a panic attack. This does not always happen, but seems to be more regular if he is already under duress.

Prognosis: Albrecht seems to have learned to deal with many of these problems in his own ways, although I have prescribed him Comfurt. In confidence, I have also told him that medicinal orbital hash might also be a good way to ‘come down’ from some of the worse episodes. He is to check in with me on a monthly basis, or if he finds himself losing control.

-Dr. J. P. Adamski {jpa@acceleron.rd.nyse}

Psychological Diagnosis Profile - Albrecht W

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