Smith's Data Trail

Roger Smith is not a difficult man to find – in fact, information on him may be suspiciously abundant. Any serious search on Roger Smith will turn up massive stacks of data – public forum accounts, links to his name from blogs and leaked memos, public receipts, even a few (apparently closely watched) XP reels. Smith seems to take no great effort to disguise his actions when not on a case, dropping off the grid near entirely when “working.” To this end, he enjoys a wider Rep due to his buildup of favorable word of ‘mouth’ over the mesh, but also faces many of the risks inherent to those with an undisguised profile.

Anyone who does a thorough search will end up with over a terabyte of information. Below are some choice highlights of Smith’s data trail.

“Good Evening, sir or madam, my name is Norman.
I am the attendant muse of Roger Smith, negotiator for hire. While he is presently occupied by a business concern, I shall happily tend to whatever requirements you have at this time, until Mr. Smith can be reached. What problems can we solve for you today?”

Query name:
Client Reviews: 2,458

Posted Expense Record –
Knuckleduster Securities, 9/4
Client: Roger Smith

Assets Requisitioned:
15 Knuckleduster Personnel, full load out – 200c/per head/per hour
2 “Aries mk. II” Support Platforms – 1000c/per unit/per hour
1 “Ajax” heavy combat morph – 1500c/per unit/per hour

Operational Time:
3 Hours

Casualty Report:

Smith’s a good client, but we may need to increase his rates after this. Granted, nobody saw the [REDACTED] coming, much less the fact that it was gonna be equipped with [REDACTED] It’s probably a good idea to draw up a slightly more stringent contract when he says it’s gonna be “heated negotiation.” That said, the gift baskets he sent to the re-sleeves were nice.
- Field Sergeant McCoy

Excerpted from “The Memoirs of a Courtesan” – the XP/text blog of high-class Venusian escort Lanya Feng. The entry on “Mr. Smith” is text only.
“… ‘Why a raven?’ I asked him, as we shared a cigarette on the balcony. He laughed that odd chuckle of his, and ran a hand through his hair. After taking a long drag, he fixed his eyes out over the clouds. ‘The ravens of earth were an odd bird indeed, something very different than the uplifts. Great black birds, smart and hardy. But I got that nanotat not because I think I’m all that bright or tough, but because I admire one trait they had over any other. Ravens, above all things, adapt.”

INTERNAL COMM – Hyperion Weapons Tech – Main Center, Mars
To: [redacted]
From: [redacted]
RE: New clientele

Well, you may have heard it already, but I’m here to confirm it once and for all – we are working with the Guan Yang Triad and the Majin-ko Family of the Yakuza. They’re funneling a lot of money our way, and in exchange, we’re sending them [redacted] heavy rail rifles and six of the new-series [redacted]. I know just last month we were busy shooting at each other, but the higher ups seem to think there’s more profit in working with these two groups than trying to stomp them out. After all, if we build them up a bit, we’ll have more of a buffer against the [redacted], and maybe even allies to get their hands dirty for us if Damocles Tech gets antagonistic again.
I’m not sure how he did it, but the outside contractor the higher-ups called in pulled one hell of a number. There’s a rumor he sat the crim bosses down with a few of our bigwigs over a nice barbecue lunch, but I’m a bit too old to believe in magic. That said, I want you to do some digging on this “Roger Smith” character, he may be useful to us, even though I hear he might be an Extropian. Send what you find my way, and get those [redacted] ready for the Triads by week’s end. We’re going to be busy, organized crime is a whole new clientele.
- [Redacted]

(Excerpted from recovered Audio-Video covert security recording, Lunar Police and Defense Force Logs – 11/17/AF 5. The below was leaked through LP&DF secure files three months after the incident in question.)
Subject 1: Confirmed as “Adrian Lovenkov” – Kidnapper. Presently Detained at [REDACTED]
Subject 2: C. “Yurik Vanden” – Kidnapper. Presently Detained.
Subject 3: C. “Roger Smith” – Contract Negotiator. Current Status Unknown.
Subject 4: C. “Xen Huang” – Kidnapping Victim

[Subject 1 and 2 meet 3 in a warehouse in the Shades docking district. 1 and 2 both carry assault weapons, 3 appears unarmed, carrying a thermosteel case. Subject 4, disheveled and injured, is concealed behind a crate, bound and blindfolded. Subject 3 has evidently been sent to try and secure Subject 4’s release.]
Subject 1: … and the money’s in the case then? On that credit chit?
Subject 3: Let me see the girl, first.
Subject 2: Here she is. See? Just fine.
[Subject 2 pulls 4 out from behind the crate, roughly]
Subject 4: [Whimpers]
Subject 3: She appears to be injured.
2: She’s alive, isn’t she?
3: My client prepared payment contingent on his daughter’s safe return.
1: For [expletive deleted] sake, it’s a few cuts and bruises. Hand over the credits.
3: You stipulated she would be returned unharmed.
2: [expletive deleted] you, man! You’re lucky we’re even [expletive deleted] with you! Maybe we should just [expletive deleted] her, and [expletive deleted] you, too!
3: That would be a rather serious crime, and a breach in the terms already agreed on. And, to be frank, you’re really not my type.
2: [expletive deleted] this, we have the money.
[Subject 2 levels his SMG at 3. Simultaneously, a sizeable portion of the wall behind 3 explodes under the impact of a sniper-grade rail rifle. Subject 2’s head ceases to exist, spraying 1 and 4 with viscera]
1: Holy –
3: That was very incautious of him. Did you really think I wouldn’t have support?
1: H-hey now, we said… [Subject 1 grabs 4, trying to interpose her between himself and the unseen sniper]
3: I’m well aware of the terms. And now I’m telling you they’ve changed. Release the girl, and you can walk away. Which is more than your partner can say. I’m certain that right about now his backups are on the way to deletion.
1: This is… This…
3: Is no longer a negotiation. This is an ultimatum.
1: Yeah… Yeah! Fine! See? Throwing down my weapon!
3: Good. Now get lost.
[Subject 1 drops his weapon, and flees at high speed. 3 watches him go, and appears to send a mesh transmission. Sound of another sniper shot.]
3: (addressing 4) Are you all right?
4: [Muffled affirmative]
[Subject 3 moves to Subject 4, removes gag and blindfold]
4: Thanks, mister.
[Subject 3 stares into 4’s eyes, Unmoving]
4: Mister? Mister? You’re kinda scaring me, mister.
[Subject 3 pulls what appears to be an access jack from the nape of his neck. Subject 4’s eyes widen and she struggles with her bonds]
4: Hey! Hey, what are you doing! Stop!
[Subject 3 links to the emergency outlet on 4’s cortical stack for 15.26 seconds. 4 protests and struggles for 2.8 seconds, then goes limp. Subject 3 withdraws the jack, and stands]
4: [Meeting his eyes, and exhibiting entirely different mannerisms and speech patterns] So that’s it, then?
[3 pulls out a weapon – (Daisho XE Series Medium Rail Handgun, Silenced) – and levels it at 4’s head]
4: Oh, [expletive deleted] you.
[3 pulls the trigger twice. Once confirming the absence of vitals, he utilizes an autoscalpel to recover 4’s cortical stack. 3 then stands, and apparently activates a vocal-only channel on his Ecto]
3: “This is Smith. Tell ‘ghost’ that she’s as sharp a shot as ever and her payment is on the way. The kidnappers have been dealt with, no evidence they knew what they’d actually snagged. And please get Mr. Huang on the line – I’ve got the stack of the man who killed his daughter.”

(Excerpt ends.)

Bar Tab charged to “ROGER SMITH”
Kasumi Tears (sake house, Nectar, Luna) – 11/17/AF 5

3 Bottles “Gekishoku” Sake – 200c
15 shots “Potemkin” Vodka – 65c
1 Bottle “Laphoraig” Scotch, Earth 40yr Vintage – 2500c

Smith's Data Trail

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