Weapons and Tech

(Purely cosmetic, but I know, for my own sake, that I like attaching names to weapons and tech – mainly for flavor, of course, and for the simple sake of world building.)

Roger Smith

  • Daisho EX Series Rail Pistol : Medium Railgun Pistols carried by Roger Smith – counter-weighted for ease of use and better accuracy, and fitted with silencer attachments for delicate negotiations. Smith paid extra for the platinum finish and genuine Earth oak-wood grips.
  • Krauss & Schmidt HRCP Mk7 “Totenkaiser” Heavy Pistol : A Heavy Solid-Round Pistol purchased by Smith as the need for increasingly heavy firepower became evident. Normally popular only amongst street enforcers who like the Mk 7 for its intimidation potential, or military personnel capable of exercising the restraint to not expend its limited ammunition too quickly, the “Totenkaiser” is a bulky, imminently dangerous-looking piece of gunmetal. Lacking much in the way of class, subtlety, fire rate or ammo capacity, the Mk 7 delivers overwhelmingly in the two places where it needs to – armor penetration sufficient to act as a deterrent even to combat-built synthmorphs, and making a terrifying racket when fired. Smith has augmented this frankly insulting firepower with highly illegal, mass-reactive exploding shells – each round specially made for the Mk7 and costing 200 credits a shot.


  • Aegis Arms B12 Xiphos Heavy Pistol: Lovec’s primary sidearm, the Xiphos is a leftover from his days of indenturement at Eicken. A .40 caliber caseless weapon, the Xiphos comes loaded with special features, including laser sight, flash and sound suppression systems, gyroscopic recoil compensators and the patented Aegis flip-up HUD, allowing for greater accuracy. Lovec has modified this pistol with an extended smart magazine, allowing for on-the-fly ammunition changes. In order to stay versatile and ensure a high payout, Lovec often carries a pair of magazines for the Xiphos: a less-lethal magazine filled with 10 flux rounds, and a lethal magazine that usually contains 4 rounds of regular ammo, 3 rounds reactive armor piercing, and 3 rounds hollow-point ammunition. However, the Xiphos also allows for drop-in-breech loading of single rounds, allowing Lovec to fire other specialty rounds – such as jammer, capsule, splash, or bug rounds – on an as-needed basis.
  • Imobilabs SafeZap Stunner: Lovec’s less-lethal alternative is merely a thought away, tucked away in an arm slide strapped to his right arm. The SafeZap is the size of a small hold-out pistol and comes equipped with a built-in laser sight and gyroscopic movement compensation. Lovec usually prefers his pistol, but the SafeZap has bought him enough time to put some room between him and an attacker on more than one occasion.
  • Segomo Labs XL98 Rail Submachine Gun: After a nasty run-in with some up-armored enemies, Lovec has decided he needs to be better prepared for the possibility of open combat. The XL98 is the latest model from a newer Extropian company looking to get their name out about their weapons, and is built to be a lightweight, high-volume weapons platform. Equipped with a 30 round magazine, laser sight, imaging scope, gyroscopic compensators, and mesh-activated shock safety system, the XL98 is made to pack a punch without the footprint of larger weapons. The most notable features about this weapon are the lightweight carbon nanotube frame, and the XL98’s ability to fold in on itself when not in use. This keeps the weapon stowable on the carriers body when not in use, as opposed to on a sling around the neck or shoulder. Deployment of the XL98 takes only a moment. However, due to the lack of weight to help with recoil compensation, the XL98 is only capable of burst or single-shot fire, though testing shows it is still quite effective at suppression.

Weapons and Tech

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