Dono yō ni kangae o korosu nodesu ka? (“How do you kill an idea?”) – Motto of “The Zeroes”

Few organizations have built up quite as unique a reputation as the Zeroes; a secretive, mercenary force of spies, saboteurs, and killers who are perhaps best known for their adoption of an incredibly stylized ‘ninja’ aesthetic.

Anyone who pursues the right channels when looking for information on the “Zeroes” will be richly rewarded. Supposedly founded by an ancient earth criminal syndicate with its roots in 1600s Japan, the Zeroes adopted the numerous (albeit, tremendously stylized) forms of ninjutsu technique and subterfuge of the famed and secretive ninja clans of earth. Their record is extensive – showy gangland assassinations, industrial sabotage and blackmail all carrying ties to the organization have filled whole segments of the mesh with speculation about the mysterious assassins. The dominant theories put the Zeroes as a sub group of one of the Lunar Yakuza (their omnipresent feudal Japanese aesthetic lends credence to this theory), or as a mercenary company who adopted the ninja aesthetic in order to set themselves apart from the competition.

Of course, the fact that so much mesh traffic goes into discussion and speculation should raise the flags of the more professional set. From their flashy techniques to complete absence of official records, the Zeroes seem like they exist to draw attention, rather than function as effective spies and saboteurs. And in this day and age, assassination is more an inconvenience than a mortal threat…


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