Roger Smith

Negotiator for Hire


Roger Smith, in his primary morph (or one of its duplicates) appears as a man of his late thirties – hale, hearty, no real signs of age, and completely unremarkable in any way. Caucasian phenotype, black hair, deep black/brown eyes, average height, always seen in an omnipresent suit of good cut but rather generic design. Smith also has a tendency towards wearing a pair of Specs (tinted to cover his eyes), a classy Ecto in the ‘wristwatch’ style, an overcoat in the drab tones of everything else he favors wearing, and a pair of nice, reinforced gloves.

Personality-wise, Smith tends towards the professional with an edge of wit. However, certain things seem to trigger a near psychosis in him, ruining his cool demeanor and logical approach.


As far as anyone knows, Roger Smith is a negotiator that got his start on Luna shortly before the fall. Who he was or what he did before hand is a complete unknown, which is unusual, considering the relative abundance of information that follows him. Despite these unknown origins, Smith has made a name for himself across most of the inner system (and slightly beyond) as a highly skilled negotiator: a catch-all term for a rather amorphous job that spans from serving as a contract-founding middleman to low-grade assassination and bounty hunting.

Known primarily in criminal, autonomous and hypercorp circles as a reliable hand, Smith is not above doing private work as well (though his occasionally exorbitant fees drive away most customers who lack good connections.) He’s known to keep lodgings on Extropia, and keep to hotels whenever his work calls him off the asteroid. Occasionally, a hedonistic whim overtakes him and he spends some money to throw wild and spontaneous parties for the rich or beautiful – the reasons for this seeming contradiction are as yet unclear.

Smith has made several enemies over the years due to the nature of his line of work (and has been heard to remark that “…they always hate the messenger.”) but as yet has survived all those who acted more overtly against him. Yet he always seems to be looking over his shoulder; whether this is just a well-honed survival instinct or something else remains unknown.

After being unveiled as “Isaac Weiss” – a wanted murderer who quite literally erased two people a decade hence, Smith turned quite violently on the party, self detonating before questioning could be resolved. Smith has since disappeared, presumably on the lam from the powerful enemies of his past.

Roger Smith

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