Zero Eight

Alternate Roger Smith Robo-Ninja Identity


Black, streamlined metal, the Mitsubishi Zaibatsu “Zero Series” Synthmorphs used by the Zeroes are specially designed for combat, and are meticulously tuned to the needs of their individual operant ego.

Zero-Eight is a mid-range combat model, capable of engaging in a wide array of situations and armed with no small amount of trickery.

The Zeroes are infamous for a love of the archaic weapons and styles of the stylized ‘ninja’ of earth’s ancient past, and each Zero Series synthmorph is sure to contain numerous tricks fashioned after such tropes as smoke bombs, shuriken, and the like.


“Zero Eight” is not so much a name as a unit number, one of the Zeroes of the Inner System. Freelance mercenaries specializing in wetwork, corporate or industrial sabotage, information gathering and straight-up murder, the Zeroes have been active in one iteration or another for decades now.

Mugen Nisemono is serial number 08 – an assassin with the Zeroes who has a fifteen year (confirmed) track record with the organization. A consummate agent, Nisemono has proven far less flamboyant than some of his fellow agents, preferring first and foremost to complete his assignment rather than get bogged down with, in his own words, ‘unnecessary theatrics.’

In combat, Nisemono is methodical, usually taking a moment to survey the situation, disorient his enemies, and either remove them one by one in order of danger, or flee if outmatched. His synthmorph is a remarkably powerful close-range combatant, and is deceptively strong thanks to its fibro-polymer muscle construction supported by pneumatic pistons in the hands and arms. Nisemono prefers to attack from a concealed position and finish fights quickly; his natural inclination is to withdraw from protracted battle.

Nisemono has never worked with a team for any extended period, and is, by all accounts, extremely stoic to the point of being taciturn. An aggressive adherent to the fringe philosophy of Jodo-Senkun Zen, Nisemono fervently believes that humanity has reached the limits of mortal flesh’s capabilities and that the only way to true enlightenment and perfection is within a mechanical body – a form divorced entirely from the desires and frailties of a soft, organic body. The only time Nisemono becomes truly animated in conversation is when discussing this philosophy – and has himself been encased within a synth body for as long as anyone can remember. Despite this, he seems to have little concern for any sort of synthmorph rights movement – or, truly, any cause beyond the two levers that motivate him: challenge, and adversity.

Nisemono has one marked psychological quirk – for a half hour daily, he ‘meditates’, and during this time, prepares a cup of tea by hand (using the thermo-conductive plates in his hands if no other hat source is available, and using water from his hydro-coolant system as necessary. The tea is kept in a compartment within his morph’s right shoulder.) His present body lacking any sort of input for external fluid, he inevitably disposes of this tea after his meditation; no one has ever asked him its significance, and Nisemono has never volunteered it.

Hired by the Jenner family the moment that Roger Smith was revealed to be Isaac Weiss, Mugen (8) began by tracking the man’s known associates. Sidelined by orders from above, and under the employ of an anomalous but well connected figure known as Artemis, Mugen has changed his plan from a dogged pursuit of (and likely conflict with) Smith’s associates to assisting them on what is, apparently, a potential suicide mission against a clever enemy – reasoning that their search will doubtless bring them to killing Roger Smith for good in the process.

As targets or allies, to Mugen Nisemono, its all the same.

Zero Eight

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