Smith Morph Specs

Roger Smith is, amongst other things, known for his rigid adherence to a singular morph type – a heavily modified splicer morph, duplicates of which Smith has secured at ‘key business locations’ both in the inner system and outside of it.

The exact number of these cold-storage duplicates is unknown; the rigors of his employment see Smith steadily losing bodies to violent attrition, and he is very tight-lipped about where and how many ‘spares’ he has in cold storage in any given time.

The morphs are unremarkable in appearance and only slightly enhanced in capability due to extensive cyberware and bioware modifications to increase overall survivability and utility. Two features, however, stand out – the first is a costly Endocrine Control system that Smith has standard-mounted on each of his morphs. The second is only a rumor – some manner of destructive dead switch system added on as a contingency measure.

Smith is very attached to his particular ‘skin’ and his ego has never been seen or recorded in any other morph type, even temporarily.

Though Smith’s bodies are identical, he has apparently taken to personalizing each of them with a raven-centric nanotat specific to the world they are kept on. These nanotats are found across the back, and are stylized akin to traditional Yakuza Irezumi tattoos.

Monochrome renditions of these Nanotats below.

The “Luna” Nanotat

The “Extropia” Nanotat

The “Mars” Nanotat

The Nanotat Associated with Smith’s “Mobile” Body, apparently the 13th of its type

Smith Morph Specs

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